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IFS Conference

The IFS Conference in Sydney will be the 23rd international conference for IFS and the first one to take place in the southern hemisphere.

The Conference aims to foster renewed thinking and dialogue about our sectors role in a complex world, gaining insight into social justice challenges and how we can proactively respond to these in our practice and advocacy.

The theme – Social Justice: The Unfinished Journey, Global Issues – Local Solutions, sets the tone of this Conference as we

  • unpack the social justice challenges of the 21st Century
  • share social justice-oriented resources
  • strengthen networks of people working for social justice both locally and globally
  • prepare a declaration for action to present to the United Nations

The conference will explore where we are up to in our social justice journey, what works, what skills and resources we will need and identify the most promising pathways to move forward as both a global movement and a force for local empowerment. Over three days, this conference will take us on a journey through ‘People’, ‘Policy and Practice’, and ‘Possibilities’ as we work towards a conference declaration focused on Social Justice that will go to the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).

The UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals will assist us to move from the local issues that we deal with every day in our workplaces and the communities we live in to how these are relevant and expressed at the international level. One of the focus points of the Conference will be the contribution Neighbourhood Houses and Centres make towards the UN SDGs.

Sustainable Development Goals